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As A Branding Agency In Delhi, Our Approach To The Branding Of LIC At Vaishali Metro Station, NOIDA



It is a pleasure for me to talk about branding for LIC at Vaishali Metro station in NOIDA. We handled the creative side of the branding activity. When we received the brief, we were a bit perplexed on how to approach it. It was new to us. We were also excited. The brief was to create strong brand visibility across the station building which shouldn’t only focus on communication but should also explore creative opportunities.

The best part of outdoor branding is that it helps you to build your brand in ways that digital and in-home advertising cannot. Choosing to promote your brand outdoors is beneficial in multiple ways. Outdoor branding gets easily accepted by consumers. Where digital and in-home marketing have failed, outdoor branding has enjoyed growth and tasted popularity. Research has shown that consumers react more favorably to outdoor media in comparison to in-home media. Outdoor branding helps you to build solid brand familiarity and recall. Because consumers can’t ignore the advertisement they are exposed to when they are outside. Outdoor media is aesthetically pleasing and generally placed in the areas where your target audience goes. There is a misconception that outdoor branding is not customizable. Outdoor branding is directed to a specific cross-section of the population by using tools like location, verbiage, and design. It has been found that consumers respond to outdoor branding. In the current economic scenario, outdoor branding makes effective use of your marketing budget. It is more affordable than ever. Oftentimes it is less expensive than building the brand image on digital or mainline media. As a branding agency in Delhi, we feel that it is a great option for companies who want to spend less on brand promotion. Outdoor branding boosts sales by providing maximum exposure. Exposure to products on a repetitive basis results two things:

Brand familiarization and

Potential sales

Outdoor branding also serves as a brand reminder for brands.

The story of insurance is as old as mankind. The instinct which provokes people of today to secure themselves against loss and disaster were also present in primitive men. The concept of insurance developed in industrial era but its beginning dates back almost 6000 years.

Life insurance in modern form came to India from England in 1818. Europeans in Calcutta started Oriental Life Insurance Company. Later in the year 1870, Bombay Mutual Life Assurance Society gave birth to the first Indian life insurance company. The Swadeshi movement gave rise to more insurance companies. The Life Insurance Corporation of India was created on 1st September 1956 with the objective to spread life insurance much more widely and in particular to the rural areas.

So you can understand the legacy of LIC. As a branding or rebranding agency, we were elated when we got the LIC’s account. Our intention was to create something new and fresh.

First, we started to understand the logo of LIC. Two hands circling the lamp has become the most enduring image of the insurance business in India. The logo stands for light, figuratively and literally. The lamp implies the light that sheds the darkness and brings hope. And the hands symbolize security and protection. The purpose of LIC logo is to bring back ‘light of hope’ into the lives of many people.

We were sure to create something that resonates with the brand image. We made sure the color psychology present in the logo transpires our works too. There are two fields on the logo. Blue on the left-hand side and yellow on the right-hand side. The blue field has the emblem. Blue often represents stability and loyalty. Yellow represents the color of gold, symbolizes material wealth.

When we started designing, we made sure these two colors should present in the creative works. After finalizing the colors, we started developing the plan. Our plan was simple. The creative works should not be overloaded with product information. It should be created in a way that it should look like an industry leader is speaking. Our work highlights the grand aspect of LIC. Our work emotes concern for the lives of senior citizens or humans in general.

We designed the communication in such a way that they have both a short-term ‘call to action’ effect and a long-term effect on consumers’ attitudes and behaviors. Our work is impactful as it brings a change in brand perception among people and creates a behavioral change. Everything that people see and experience from the branding affects how they respond to it in the future. At the planning stage, we were sure that our works will make an impact. We build a future that the brand wanted to have which was expressed during the meetings. Our message is so apt that the brand is still maximizing.

The message and visual elements talk of positive life force and contentment. The copy – I-trust my life, life supports me – resonates with what LIC actually says to its customers. The line – I can always change my life – speaks how LIC helps to develop a safe and secured life. These lines mainly talks about life and the assurance of safety and security that LIC offers.

We believe our work created an empathy and resonance, powerfully communicated the key messages, persuaded an attitude or behavior shift, and still having a real impact. Client is still elated with the effectiveness of the advertising based on these dimensions.

How we helped LIC

  • We crafted the message and creative that help to maximize impact and drive behavioral change.
  • Our work helped in reaching the current and potential customers more effectively.
  • It ensured that the client ‘get noticed’ and cut through.
  • Moreover, it enhanced their media spend.

The originality of the content makes this work unique and not repetitive. The newer visual details or original captions and taglines have attracted the viewers. The new approach with new stories made the work more creative. The crispiness and freshness in the details have made the work unique.  We acknowledge that being able to use customer information more effectively would increase the ROI of the future campaigns.

This project has given us a great branding agency portfolio to show. It helped us to spread our wings, fly over newer pastures, make substance score, and collaborate with like-minded people. We have used technology up to the hilt, but at heart, we are still the same. The desires of doing things that never thought before is still present. We are uber-ready to adapt, to create, and to stand out once again. We are thankf ul to Jagran Engage to consider us their creative partner for the work.

Just a reminder, we are always in search for something exciting and challenging, do feel free to get in touch with us!

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