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Analysis Of The AV Created For The Video Marketing of Jaquar Shower Tray



Do you know what the base of branding & advertising is? The answer is creativity. And what better medium than video to propel this creativity? Videos are a great way to create a buzz for a brand. A survey by Wyzowl reveals:

  • 95% of marketers say that videos help users to understand the product or services
  • 89% of marketers say that video marketing gives good ROI
  • 84% of consumers buy a product or service after watching a video
  • 92% of marketers believe video is an integral part of digital strategy

Keeping these numbers in mind, we proposed a video for Jaquar Shower Tray. And the client happily agreed to it. They were facing immense competition to make themselves heard.

Power of video in creative advertising

Video advertising has created a paradigm shift for marketers across the globe. According to Forbes, video ads account for more than 35% of total online ad spending. Different types of websites, news organizations, and company pages- all are employing video content for their voracious audience consumption. Social media platforms prioritize videos over other forms of content as videos help to build trust and engagement.

Consumers prefer to watch a 15-second video considering images than read a block with text. The most popular video length is 30 seconds, and data reveal that people are willing to watch a bit longer videos.

As an advertising agency in India, we make sure clients’ problems get resolved through video marketing. A digital video marketing strategy should involve mixing and matching different length pieces.

15-30 seconds is the optimal length of a video ad. It allows you to strike a balance between relevant narrative and providing a short attention plan.

An Insight into Jaquar Shower Tray Video

Before explaining the video, you should know what the shower tray is actually. Shower tray covers the essential part of the shower area. It replaces the conventional finishing option. It offers a complete package along with shower enclosure. The shower tray perfectly complements the standard shower enclosure.  

The question that arose to our mind was why do we need a shower tray. Jaquar shower Tray ensures safety and hygiene in the showering area. It removes the hassle of floor finishing. It eradicates the chances of water seepage. And finally, you get a high-quality material with a solid feel.

The best part is that the shower tray ensures safety and hygiene in the showering area. Anti-skid surface eradicates the chances of slippery danger. Accidents in the bathroom are the most common and serious injuries. And Jaquar comes in here. Jaquar offers a high skid resistant surface to ensure maximum comfort and safety. In the shower area, no dirt or fungus accumulates because of the shower tray. The shower tray channelizes waste water properly. It doesn’t leave any chances of dirt accumulation and fungi formulation. It prevents insects to get inside the bathroom through the drain pipe. The water-tight drainage system of the shower tray doesn’t leave any space for insects to enter bath space through the drain pipe.

Shower Tray removes the hassle of floor finishing. It makes the complete package for the shower area with an in-build slope and drainage system. With its high end design, material, and advanced drainage system, Shower Tray enhances the aesthetics and utility of the bathroom.

It is a perfect combination for a full-proof working of shower enclosure. Jaquar Shower Tray is aesthetically designed with a myriad of features. It is recommended for every shower enclosure. Designed with accurate precision, Jaquar Shower Tray is properly fitted with respective shower enclosures.

Jaquar Shower Tray eradicates the chances of water seepage. Flooring & drainage system which is built into the floor develop chances of water seepage- Shower tray eradicates the chance. Bathroom with traditional drainage system and flooring generally causes water seepage which results in the peeling of paints, fungi formation, and corrosion to the reinforced steel. Jaquar Shower Tray, with its advanced water tight drainage system counters any chance of damage.

The shower water that drains slowly is a sign of a clogged shower drain. Blocked drain generally develops leaks as standing water may seep through shower joints. So Jaquar has introduced a 3 layered new-age drainage system to ensure easy flowing of waste water.

High-quality multi-layered material with reinforcement in the base provides solid feel. The dual-layered material PMMA and ABS provide not only weather shield and aesthetic touch but also provides strength and durability.

The video has shown how Shower Tray eliminates any chance of water accumulation on the bathroom floor, thus no sunken feelings. The shower tray is made of a hi-gloss surface with no color fading and is maintenance-free.

Our approach

The video is made keeping in mind our target audiences and bringing out the key benefits of the product. We shot the video under a very minimalistic setup. The video is shot by our founder and chief creative officer Dibeyndu Dev. He has the experience of shooting many films and corporate videos for different brands.

The target audience

As one of the leading advertising agencies in India, we always make sure our work reaches the right target audience. The target audiences of the video were high income bracket individuals, dealers, and architects.

Get the attention

The video has helped to get the attention of the audience. The video is eye-catching as well as persuasive. The video talks about the taste of the target audience. The best part of the video is people remembers it. The attention-grabbing techniques are meant to stick in to the minds of audiences and influence the view of a product over the long term.

The mood of the video

Our main intention of the video was to shape the way audience feel about the product. A happy feel has been evoked after watching the video.

The soundtrack of the video

The background sound makes the video more memorable. The feeling towards the video changes with the use of background music.

The language of the video

The use of the English language makes this video perfect for the target audience. The use of words make the product seen more desirable. If words aren’t overtly used to inform the audience, they are being covertly influence the viewers.


The video has successfully shown how the shower tray is a must for a bathroom. We are hopeful that this synthesis will help to understand what Jaquar is selling. This video also give a sense how the marketing strategies of advertisers work.

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